Facing an Estate Sale?


Pittsburgh Buyers Want Patio Homes

Inventory is low and demand is high. Because of the market for patio homes, you can often sell for over asking price! But to get the best possible price for your patio home, it's best to work with a Realtor rather than go through the HOA. That way, you can reach thousands of potential buyers through the Realtor multi-list — and profit much more money from the estate sale.


A Trusted Realtor Can Handle the Details

In addition to finding a buyer for your loved one's home, your Realtor can connect you with clean-out crews, staging companies, plumbers, electricians, and more to prepare the home for the market.

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What Makes The Gayle Blonar Team Different?

35+ Years

Construction Experience

Michael Blonar can offer valuable advice about repairs, updates, and maintenance.

20+ Years

Real Estate Experience

We specialize in patio homes. From market trends to HOA info, we have you covered.



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