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Get Money Back

When You List with the Gayle Blonar Team!

The Coldwell Banker Real Estate Assistance Program Can Save You Money.

Rorich Automotive has partnered with Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services to offer you a Real Estate Assistance Program that could save you hundreds - possibly thousands - of dollars when you buy or sell a home. The Real Estate Assistance Program (REAP) is a free, no-obligation benefits program offered in all states through Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services. The ability to provide a rebate may be modified or prohibited by law in some states.

The savings come from a credit equal to 20% of the commission earned on the listing or buying side of the transaction.

An example would look like this:

  • Rorich Automotive employee's home sells for $225,000 at 7% commission
  • $225,000 x 7% commission = $15,750
  • The listing office (seller's representation) receives 50% = $7,875.
  • The selling office (buyer's representation) receives 50% = $7,875
  • The Rorich Automotive employee receives 20% of the = $7,875. In other words, a discount of $1,575.

To receive your cash credit, you must follow these guidelines:

  • Pre-registration is required to receive this benefit
  • Either sell or purchase a home with Coldwell Banker
  • Assistance Program cannot be combined with any other program, relocation benefits, etc.

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