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Insider Secrets To

Selling Your Property

Selling your home doesn't have to be stressful. With a few real estate tricks and the right agent on your side, you can sell your property quickly and for top dollar. Follow our tips for a guarantee home sale, or give us a call at 724-344-4795 and we'll provide you with even more resources.

10 Steps to a Guaranteed Home Sale

A wooden table surrounded by white chairs in a tastefully staged living room.

Think Like a Home Buyer

A buyer will notice every last detail of your property, from your dazzling kitchen countertops to cluttered closets and living areas. When you stage your home effectively, you'll impress potential buyers the second they notices your property.

A living room in a condominium with white walls, minimalist decor, and a gray couch.

Don't Forget to Declutter

When homeowners ask us for suggestions to improve their home's value, 90% of the time they have neglected to declutter their homes. Getting the "stuff" out of your living areas should be the first thing that you do before you list your property.

Aerial view of a young couple looking at a computer and surrounded by moving boxes.

Price Your Property Right

Determining the best pricing strategy for your home involves checking recent property sales, analyzing active listings, and predicting what the Pittsburgh real estate market is likely to do. An algorithm cannot do this for you, so you need to rely on a real estate expert to price your property.

A bag of professional tools sitting on a shingle roof.

Order a Home Inspection

A home sale can fall through at the last minute because of unexpected maintenance issues. Ordering a home inspection and tackling major problems now, before you list your property, will save you time and headaches. Follow our tips to learn what to expect during a home inspection.

An assortment of tools, including pliers and electrical tape, arranged in a circle.

Hire a Pro (If You Need To)

Once you have a punch list of repairs to make based on the home inspection report, decide whether to hire a professional or make the fixes yourself. Call us at 724-344-4795 and we can recommend trusted contractors and service providers in Pittsburgh.

A wooden kitchen table surrounded by white chairs in a small living room.

Consider Property Differences

The process of selling and marketing a condo is drastically different from selling and marketing a home. As Pittsburgh real estate agents who specialize in listing condominiums and patio homes, we have a few tips to help you understand the differences.

A man in business attire holding a tablet.

Use Free Home Selling Apps

There are plenty of free resources to help you sell your Pittsburgh property. Check out our list of the best free apps to find even more home selling articles, real estate market reports, and more.

A piece of white paper cut in the shape of a house and sitting in the grass.

Understand FSBO Myths

Selling a home is incredibly complex, and it's next to impossible to do it yourself. Before you waste time and money trying to sell For Sale By Owner, brush up on the reasons why many homeowners fail.

A person holding three keys.

Don't Wait for the "Right" Market

If you're trying to wait until market conditions are just right, you'll end up missing the best opportunity to sell your property. Your ideal window to sell depends on your home selling goals, not the local housing market.

A biracial couple and a young boy smiling at the camera.

Work with the Right Agent

Ultimately, working with the right real estate agent is the best way to guarantee that your property will sell. If you own a condo in Pittsburgh, your listing agent should understand the nuances of selling properties in buildings like yours.

We'll Help You Sell Fast for Top Dollar

Don't let your fear of losing money or languishing on the market keep you from selling your property. We will take care of all the details for you, from pricing your property competitively to reaching out to qualified buyers. Give us a call at 724-344-4795 to learn how we'll market your property.