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What Makes Us Different?

The Blonar Team Experience

When it is time to buy or sell your Pittsburgh area home, choosing the right real estate company is important but choosing the right agent is critical.

If you are selling your property, the right agent can make all of the difference in whether your home sells and how much money you receive at closing. If you're buying a new home, the right agent can successfully negotiate a multiple offer situation, navigate through home inspection issues and help you avoid any expensive, time consuming mistakes.

If you came to this page, you are probably wondering What's In It For Me (WIIFM)? Take a minute to view all of the potential benefits - the WIIFM you can receive when you work with The Blonar Team.

What Makes Us Different?


The Gayle Blonar Team is available 7 days a week. We return your phone calls, texts and emails within 24 hours.


Receive the information you need, when you need it – not when it is too late.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services

With over 2500 US offices and 3200 worldwide locations, Coldwell Banker is uniquely positioned to bring you an international network of skilled agents, buyers and corporate relocation companies to get your home sold. We are part of the NRT family of companies, which is the largest residential real estate brokerage in the entire United States, offering services that other companies can only imagine.


As a home seller, your home gains maximum exposure to local, regional, national and international buyers. More buyers = higher sale price. As a home buyer, you have access to the most current information about local real estate market trends and helpful resources during every step of the buying process. More information = better decision making, and less chance of making costly mistakes.

Construction Experience

Michael Blonar is a Pennsylvania licensed general contractor with over 35 years of construction experience. He has knowledge about all aspects of construction. He also has a close network of skilled subcontractors who can help when things go wrong during a home inspection or appraisal. Michael shares his discounted pricing with our clients.


Many sales fall apart during the inspection/appraisal process. You will have a valuable resource to help save time and money.

Real Estate Experience

The average real estate agent sells between 6-10 properties per year. Do you want to put one of your most significant financial investments in the hands of an agent with that kind of limited experience? We know Pittsburgh real estate. We have been helping our clients buy and sell real estate successfully for over 20 years.


Who doesn’t want to save time and money with successful strategies?

Negotiating Skills

We are Certified Negotiation Experts, trained in advanced negotiation techniques. We know more than the average agent about the complexities of real estate negotiation and what techniques work to ensure the most successful outcomes for our clients.


More money in your pocket at the closing table.

Buyer Research

We will do additional research on properties that interest you to provide seller’s disclosures, information about monthly maintenance fees, condo management, etc.


More information results in better decisions as you proceed through the buying process.

When you work with The Gayle Blonar Team, we are your advocates.

We will be with you every step of the way, from initial consultation to sitting at your side at the settlement table. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!